Spruce (Whitewood) Vs Pine (Redwood)

Are you looking for some clarification on the differences between Spruce Whitewood and Pine Redwood? It can be confusing if you are not familiar with these materials and it is important to understand why one is better than the other when it comes to your staircase – after all you want your staircase to be durable and last a lifetime. Please read on and we will help clarify the differences for you:

Staircase Material: Spruce Vs Pine - Whitewood Vs Redwood

There are two types of softwood timber used extensively throughout the UK in the manufacturing of staircases. These are:

  • Pine, commonly known as “Redwood”
  • Spruce, commonly known as “Whitewood”

They have similarities in appearance and also carry common properties. However there are a few key differences that give Redwood the upper hand, and make it the premium choice, when being used in high quality made-to-measure staircases.

Some of the key differences include:

Whitewood image


Redwood tends to take fixings much better then Whitewood, making it the better choice where the finish is important.


Timber needs to be seasoned before it is ready for use. This is the process where moisture is removed from the timber to the desired level. This in turn reduces strength and durability of the product. Both Whitewood & Redwood season well, however Whitewood is more likely to distort and twist during this process.

Typical Uses

Redwood is commonly used in all types of construction and furniture manufacturing, with the higher graded material being used for the latter.

Whitewood is typically used for crates, carcasses or boxes. A considerable amount is also used in the manufacture of pulp & paper.

It is important to note these differences as a few staircase manufacturers in the UK offer low grade Whitewood staircases, which cost less then Redwood, but do not clarify this to the customer.

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At Mr Stairs we only utilise furniture grade Pine Redwood in our staircases. All our Redwood is meticulously sourced from. FSC® certified suppliers and regularly inspected by our team. This ensures that all our customers get the best quality staircase for their money – a staircase that is strong, durable & finished to a high standard.

Our growing number of repeat and new clients is testament to the fact that we only believe in delivering the perfect made-to-measure timber staircases. 

We serve both local and national customers. In particular these include home owners, builders & tradesmen, developers and schools – to mention a few.  As a result,  Mr Stairs has established itself as the “go to” supplier for wooden staircases in London.

Need a new Oak, Pine or MDF staircase for your apartment, loft, townhouse, cottage or mansion?  Rest assured we have got you covered for your London home’s new wooden staircase.

From softwood to hardwood, we offer a large selection of styles for your new timber staircase.  You can customize and configure all these through our  3D Stair Builder tool .

Importantly, as mentioned above we only use the best quality timbers in the production of our stairs. American Oak & Pine Redwood being among some of these.

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